What do the Vision 1000 flight file names mean?

Example: VIS-FF3Q-00133-002
• VIS: This flight file came from a Vision 1000.
• FF3Q: The Vision 1000 serial number.
• 00133: The flight file number. This is the 133rd flight that has been recorded with this Vision 1000.
• 002: The section number of this flight file.

The Vision 1000 recorded data is located in the Appareo Virtual File System, typically shown as the M: drive on your computer. This will show up shortly after the SD card is inserted if you have Vision 1000 software installed. There are typically 5 files created for each section of the Vision 1000 flight; a new section is created when the imaging data reaches a certain size limit. Additional flight segments will continue to be created until the flight is over and power to the Vision 1000 is turned off. When reviewing the flight data in either the AS Flight Analysis Software or the Vision 1000 Playback Utility, the replay will always begin at the start of that flight file, not that segment of flight. When you cycle power to the Vision 1000, the Vision 1000 creates a new flight file. In the example above, the next flight would be 00134. Flight 00134 would start with flight segment 001 and add additional segments as the flight progressed. You cannot merge these files using the Vision 1000 Memory Access Utility.