What about pilots who don’t want to be recorded?

Your organization should clearly communicate how the imagery, audio and flight data are going to be utilized. Appareo EnVision, Appareo’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) application, uses only the GPS/IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) data recorded by the recorder for flight data analysis. Imagery and audio data are not uploaded onto (or archived on) the Appareo EnVision server. Additionally, a 16 gb SD card only retains the most recent four hours or 10 power cycles’ worth of imagery and audio data recorded, after which this data is overwritten on a continual loop. With most installations, the field-of-view is focused on cockpit instruments, controls and what’s outside the glare shield; it’s typically not focusing on the pilot’s face. The imagery and audio can assist air crews by validating their account of what happened during an incident. Data recorded onto the SD card is stored in proprietary format, preventing unauthorized viewing of data.