How do I reformat the SD card?

  1. Ensure that the lock tab on the side of the card is not engaged.
  2. Ensure the SD card is inserted securely in the recorder.
  3. Run the Built in Tests again to check if the individual SD card tests pass or fail.
  4. Reformat the SD card. WARNING: This will erase all data from the SD card. Make sure any data that you want to keep is downloaded onto your computer.
    • Navigate to This PC or My Computer to view the SD card.
    • Right click VISION_FS, then click Format.
    • Uncheck Quick Format and make sure that the other SD card settings match the screenshot below.
    • Click Start. Click OK when it warns you that it will erase all data. The reformat progress is indicated by the bar at the bottom of the window. Format Complete will appear when it’s done.