Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – Appareo recognizes and acknowledges the value of the supplier’s participation in the successful design of a product. That includes the disclosure and inquiry of information that may be sensitive and critical to each party. This agreement will be in place prior to detailed disclosure of a project. The agreement is not transferable or extend beyond the legal reach of each party. If in the future, Appareo will be writing an orders to a supplier, Appareo’s template is required.

Terms & Conditions (T’s & C’s or TC’s) – In the customer/supplier relationship, Appareo has established business standards that are carefully written to protect Appareo and Appareo’s customer’s interests. Download Appareo TC’s.

Bailment Agreements – In the case where product tooling is considered a capital asset to Appareo or Appareo’s customers, this agreement secures the tooling as property and dispositions the tool once it has reach its end of life.

Purchase Orders (POs) – Appareo’s purchasing team will place orders with the supplier from time-to-time. Acknowledgement of the receipt of the order and confirmation of acceptance of the order are required by the supplier. If shipments are split, not in accordance with the prescription of the purchase order, the supplier should contact Appareo purchasing. Invoices should be presented in a similar format to the purchase order to expedite payment to the supplier. Questions concerning purchase orders should be emailed to [email protected].

Invoices – Invoices should be presented in a similar format to the purchase order to expedite payment to the supplier. Invoice are paid according to the receipt, as recorded by Appareo’s receiving team. The alignment of purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices will expedite payment. Questions for payment should be directed to [email protected].

Part Change Notices (PCNs) – From time-to-time, a component may change in its availability, form, fit, or function. The supplier is required to notify Appareo as soon as this change becomes a possibility. Appareo may require additional testing or source replacement components if there is adverse risk to quality, delivery, or cost.

Supply Agreement – Appareo may enter a supply agreement to establish terms beyond a normal purchase order to create flexibility in supply or cost advantages. This agreement may define the whole relationship or only parts of the relationship.

Statement of Work (SOW) – If the supplier will be spending a significant of time or funds in the development of the component, Appareo may ask for a document to be drawn up by the supplier’s project manager. It should include, at a minimum, details not limited to:  

  • Scope
  • Team contact info
  • Schedule with milestones, including payment milestones
  • Project reporting to Appareo
  • Change management methods
  • Deliverables and approvals required by Appareo