Commercial Processes

Request for Proposal (RFP) – Early in the design conception phase of a project, Appareo may ask the supplier to provide feedback on a concept. This may include constraints on the project in terms of size, material, compliance, performance, cost, etc. The supplier may use their expertise to set expectations. A meeting (face-to-face or virtual) may be beneficial to convey the fine points of the project concepts.

Non-Cancelable / Non-Returnable (NCNR) – If the supplier sources material that is highly unique to Appareo’s needs, the supplier should submit a document that outlines the restrictions and expectations of both parties in the supply.

Product Forecasts – Appareo can supply a weekly 12-month rolling forecast to the supplier, providing a long-term view of the product demand.

Quotation Submittals – When submitting quotation to Appareo, the primary contact is purchasing. The technical stakeholder can be cc’d on quote. Send all quotations to Appareo Purchasing: [email protected].