Audit Processes

Self-Audit – The supplier’s quality team should facilitate the completion of Appareo’s Self-Audit questionnaire in a timely manner. This is one of the first impressions that is set as this is an indication that Appareo is considering a business relationship with the supplier. Identification of “special processes” and their control is critical.

Quality Audit – By default, Appareo only considers suppliers that have their AS9100D or ISO9001-2015 compliance certificates. In rare cases, Appareo will consider working with as supplier who has special capabilities. It is imperative that the Appareo auditor is assured that quality product will be produced by the supplier.

Order Fulfillment Audit – It is important that the supplier have an established workflow to process Appareo’s orders to timely completion. This audit will follow an order through the supplier’s system with additional attention to forecast management, capacity planning, non-compliant material, and failure analysis capabilities.

Product Audit – This audit will usually go hand-in-hand with a Quality audit. Special attention will be paid to the workflow of the product being built for Appareo.

Design Audit – If the supplier provides an implementation plan to a specification provided by Appareo, an audit of the product realization process will be held. The assessment considers the quality of the design process.

Compliance – Some of Appareo’s product have global markets. For Appareo to participate in the commercial benefits of these markets, compliance standards are required. If the supplier provides components for those products, the specifications may call out compliance standards that the supplier will be required to meet. While these will not be audited by Appareo, a signed statement of compliance may be required from the supplier. Product drawings will note the necessity of the compliance standard.