Global Data &
Device Management

Appareo Offers a True End-to-End Solution

with global data management, device management, and account management conveniently accessed through the Appareo Data Services Portal. Appareo’s global carrier relationships make the connection of your machines to your cloud seamless. The Appareo data services platform has the tools to enable your equipment with seasonal or bursty data patterns to ramp up and down with simple management of data plans. This means Appareo can dramatically simplify provisioning and provide highly-competitive data pricing — giving you flexibility while only paying the minimum for the data you need.

Technology Application

The Appareo Data Service Portal (DSP) is an interface — either programmatic or user-facing (API or web UI) — that allows you to view and manage cellular and satellite connected devices. This end-to-end solution makes device management across carriers, geographies, and sub-businesses efficient, holistic, and easy.

Data Plan & Device Management

Through the DSP’s web interface or APIs, Appareo customers can activate, change, and deactivate data plans. Additionally, customers can adjust device states (for individual devices, or in bulk), moving devices between the following modes:

  • Inventory | Device is in inventory and data plan is not active.
  • Active | Device is being used on an active data plan.
  • Suspended | Device is not being used, and does not have an active plan, but can quickly be returned to an active plan (where available, this state is useful to minimize data plan expenses with devices that have high seasonality to their use).

Device Management

The Appareo DSP can be a source for information regarding the use characteristics of one or more devices. Through the DSP labels can be added to devices, or devices can be associated with sub businesses or customers. These labels can be used as classifications to apply bulk configuration changes to devices (e.g. on a certain kind of equipment with specific use cyclicality). If desired, the Appareo DSP can also be a tool for sending an SMS to wake up devices, sending firmware updates to devices, and for viewing the last known position of devices on an asset tracking map.

Account Management

Customer account management features of the DSP enable easy, secure account creation and management. The DSP gives you the administrative ability to manage user accounts, indicating who can access the system and manage devices tied to a specific customer. Those who have access can search, add, or edit customers and user accounts. This grouping and tiering account management capability allows you to effectively manage large groups while still maintaining security and simplicity.


The Appareo DSP is a flexible and cost-effective data subscription management capability for satellite or cellular devices. Whether managing a few devices through a web interface or tens of thousands of devices programmatically through our APIs, the Appareo DSP has features and capabilities that empower your business to maximize your connectivity and minimize your data costs.