Airborne Image Recording System, AIRS-400


AIRS-400 is a powerful tool that records an entire cache of flight data to help you better manage the safety and performance of your aircraft. In addition to recording 4K Ultra HD video, AIRS-400 captures pilot intercom system audio, ambient audio, and detailed flight data that’s recorded to an internal crash-hardened memory as well as a removable SD card.  AIRS-400 comes with playback software that works alone or with our extensive, yet easy-to-use, FDM software suite.

Cellular Data Offload

While many flight data acquisition systems rely on pilots or crew members to manually transport an SD card to a workstation, AIRS-400 offers cellular data offload capabilities, ensuring the maximum speed of data reception while simplifying system maintenance and reducing costs.

Easy Installation + Retrofittable

Unlike other flight recording solutions, Appareo’s AIRS-400 is the only device you’ll need to install in your aircraft. Its lightweight (11 ounces) and compact size (2.8” x 3.4” x 2.6”) makes it ideal for any rotor or fixed-wing aircraft. With its own internal sensors, the AIRS-400 only requires aircraft power and ground; we also provide a small GPS antenna that is installed inside the aircraft. There is a free optional intercom system connection to record crew and ATC communications in addition to the ambient audio already being recorded. There are no special tools required for the installation, and it only takes about one day to complete.

If you are upgrading from Appareo’s Vision 1000, the AIRS-400 bracket mounting pattern, power connector, and GPS connector are compatible for an easy drop-in replacement.

Crash Survivability

AIRS-400 is a Class C Airborne Image Recorder that is 14 CFR 135.607 compliant. ED-155 regulatory compliance is not required in most parts of the world. For full compliance, the camera needs to be paired with an external Recoverable Data Module (RDM). Most installations do not require an RDM because the AIRS-400 flight data recorder is capable of surviving accidents without a second module, and it acquires and records ADRS and AIRS data.

Part 27 STC AML

AIRS-400 has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA for the following aircraft models: 

Airbus Helicopters – Models AS350B, B1, B2, BA, B3

Bell Helicopters – Models 206B, L-1, L-3, L-4, 407

AIRS-400 Features:

  • 4K images (8 MP)
  • 30 images per second
  • h.264 Encoded Images
  • 90 degree Field-Of-View
  • 128 GB SD Card
  • 35 GB internal memory
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 25800 DMIPS Processor 


  • ARINC 429 input
  • Cellular Data Offload
  • ED-155 Audio output
  • RS-422 Output


  • FAA STC-AML Part 27
  • Part 29, Part 23, Part 25 field approval
    or minor modification



Information Captured:

  • Cockpit video

  • ATC and cockpit audio

  • WAAS GPS (altitude, latitude, longitude, ground speed, vertical speed, etc.)

  • Attitude data (pitch, roll, yaw, etc.)

  • Rates of rotation

  • Acceleration data (G forces)

Memory Storage:

Internal Memory:

  • 2 hours of video/audio 
  • 200 hours IMU flight data

  • 100 hours ARINC 429 data 

Removable SD Card:

  • 64 hours of video/audio 
  • 200 hours IMU flight data

  • 100 hours ARINC 429 data 

Playback Utility + AS Fight


Replay the flight with AS Flight, our rich 3D visualization software that incorporates a topographical map overlaid with satellite imagery. Your flight path and accurate flight position show you exactly when, where, and how the aircraft was being operated. This software will also sync with the Playback Utility, included with AIRS-400, so you get a full picture of all recorded information.



Appareo EnVision


Appareo EnVision is cloud-based, so you can easily manage your fleet anywhere you have the internet. Review past and current flight data, generate detailed reports and trend the safety improvements in your flight operations. Flight data is automatically analyzed against customized event triggers that are set for different aircraft or operations defined in your Safety Management System (SMS). Detailed reports are easy to generate so that you can understand the event duration and severity, and use that information to drive actionable improvements in your flight briefings.


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