Airborne image recording systems

Lightweight and Flexible Recorders

Appareo offers some of the industry’s best lightweight digital flight data recording solutions for both new and legacy aircraft, either factory-installed or retrofit. These recording and storage solutions include cockpit image and audio recorders, inertial-based flight data recorders, and conventional flight data recording solutions utilizing existing aircraft communications buses.

Select the Vision 1000 or AIRS-400 to learn more.

Replay Flights with Appareo Flight Analysis Software

Appareo’s flight analysis software uses your recorded flight data to recreate the 3D world in which your flight took place. If your flight data is captured by the Vision 1000, the analysis and playback utilizes your GPS coordinates as well as 15 other internally-recorded parameters.

How It Works

First, the software reaches out to Appareo servers to retrieve terrain data from our proprietary global terrain database. It then uses the best available public sources of imagery to stretch satellite imagery over the 3D view of the earth’s topography it created. With the world constructed, the software then creates a flight path through the 3D world, allowing you to view the flight from any position around the aircraft.

Beyond the construction of the synthetic 3D environment, Appareo’s flight analysis software also provides synthesized instrumentation and a 3D representation of FAA-published obstacles and approaches to enhance your flight analysis. Additionally, any events identified in Appareo EnVision, our online FOQA/FDM software suite, are automatically flagged in the flight recreation so you can jump to that point in the animation and relive the FOQA event.

Playback Utility

For customers with an Appareo flight data recorder that also captures cockpit image and audio data, such as the Vision 1000, the Playback Utility allows for synchronization of the cockpit image/audio with the 3D recreation of the flight from data.

This truly superior flight recreation experience allows Appareo customers to jump to event locations, see what the pilot was experiencing, the control inputs that resulted from those experiences, and the 3D recreation of the aircraft behavior as a result. This is one of the most comprehensive flight recreation experiences in the world today, and a powerful tool for incident investigations, flight training, and maintenance troubleshooting.

Watch a demo of the synched playback