Welcome, Suppliers!

Appareo Systems, LLC (“Appareo”, pronounced /əˈ PAHR ē ō/) is a recognized leader in the custom design, development and manufacture of innovative electronic and software solutions for direct-to-market consumer products as well as original equipment manufacturers. Through the creative application of cutting-edge technologies, we create complex end-to-end solutions that include both mobile and cloud-based components. Our teams identify opportunities where electronics, software, and data management to provide controls, tools, and monitoring products for our key industries. With our talented engineers, we encourage risk taking, tolerate failure, and reward success in order to foster a culture of innovation.Capable supply partners enable Appareo to realize component designs for our products. Appareo’s philosophy is to build lasting relationships with suppliers to our mutual growth in capability and business. The purpose of this network of supply chain information is to establish a base of information and process. Our suppliers are one of the keys to Appareo’s success. We rely on our supplier’s expertise to deliver components that are effective for the application and competitively priced.