Vision 1000 Updates

Please follow the steps outlined in the information notice below to complete the embedded software update for Vision 1000

Airbus Helicopters Factory Installation

Information Notice – 04/06/2018

Aftermarket Installation

Information Notice – 02/22/2018

Software Update Files

Current software version:New software version:Files to save on your SD card:
501010-000003 R14501010-000003 R15Download from Google Drive: R15 Software Files
501010-000004 R11501010-000004 R12Download from Google Drive: R12 Software Files
501010-000031 R05501010-000031 R06Download from Google Drive: R06 Software Files
501010-000055 R02501010-000055 R03Download from Google Drive: R03 Software Files


  • To identify which version you have, refer to 3.A. “Determining the current embedded software version” in the information notice.
  • If you don’t currently have one of the software versions listed above, please contact our support team.
  • Need the Configuration Tool? Download it from Google Drive: Configuration Tool.

Regarding Airbus Helicopter Factory Installs:

If one or more of the Vision 1000 units was a Type Certification installation, we’ll need your physical mailing address to send new labels. Please email [email protected] when you are done updating.


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