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RAMI AV-801 WAAS GPS Antenna – Branded “Stratus by Appareo”
RAMI AV-74 Transponder / DME / ADS-B Antenna – Branded “Stratus by Appareo”
Stratus Battery Replacement Kit
Stratus External ADS-B Antenna Kit – 10′
Stratus External ADS-B Antenna Kit – 5′
Stratus Audio Cable
Stratus External GPS Antenna Kit – 10′ (Stratus 2, 2S and 3)
Stratus Zippered Case
Stratus Wall Charger
Stratus Power Cable – 6′ (Stratus 1 and 2 only)
Type C USB Charging Cable (1S, 2S, 3)
Stratus Mounting Cradle (Stratus 2, 1S, 2S, 2i, 3, 3i)
Suction Cup Mount
Stratus Dash Mount
Stratus Power Connector Terminal
Stratus Power Connector Housing
ADS-B Antenna Replacement Suction Cup Kit