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You should not have to ask your avionics supplier to gain access to your data. Maximize the value of your aircraft data with an open platform telematics solution from Appareo, where you are in control of your data.

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Customer Spotlight

Bell Textron leveraged our open platform telematics to offer its customers a premium Flight Data Monitoring program.

The Bell QuantiFLY system is available on the Bell 407GXi and Bell 429, and now operators are enabled to take actionable safety measures with the 4G LTE / 3G GSM remote offload capabilities of the lightweight and affordable Aircraft Communication Unit (ACU) from Appareo. 

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Bringing Safety and Simplicity to FDM/ FOQA

Appareo offers some of the industry’s best lightweight digital flight data recording solutions for both new and legacy aircraft. These recording and storage solutions include cockpit image and audio recorders, inertial-based flight data recorders, and conventional flight data recording solutions utilizing existing aircraft communications buses.