Electronic Motor and Hydraulic Control

Electronic Motor and Hydraulic Control

Appareo’s experience in electronic motor and hydraulic control is backed by extensive experience in implementation of CAN-based systems, with deep in-house experience with J1939, ISOBUS, and other CAN-based and proprietary protocols.

Flexible Configuration

Appareo designs and builds custom I/O modules for customers. The popular off-the-shelf offering is the IO 400, a programmable 4-channel, H-Bridge, pulse width modulation (PWM) motor controller. Each of its four control banks contain two inputs which can be configured for analog, digital or frequency mode. In addition to its flexible control configuration, Appareo can repackage and reassemble its I/O modules to be conveniently embedded for our customer’s vehicular applications.

Technology Application

Appareo’s input/output (I/O) modules were designed to connect seamlessly with any CAN connected ECU. This allows ECUs to control an array of applications, such as high-powered DC or stepper motors, PWM, hydraulic valve control, sensor inputs and other auxiliary I/O. With onboard closed-loop control, the I/O modules simplify your application design and lower communication overhead. The Gateway series of ECUs leverages libraries written to interface with multiple controller nodes across several CAN busses to decrease development effort to control large networks with a variety of controller applications.


When paired with a Gateway, the IO 400’s CAN interface allows diverse utilization scenarios and initiates automatic discovery and operation for easy setup. It is capable of closed-loop control using its integrated PID controller or open-loop control with configurable PWM output from 0-100%. Using input feedback and bidirectional motor control via the H-Bridge outputs it is perfect for driver brushed DC motors or hydraulic valves.


Engineered to meet IP69K environmental ratings, the IO 400 can be used in some of the most extreme environments around the world.

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